For more than 15 years now I’ve been supporting clients’ grow in confidence, realise their goals, improve their performance and overall well being.

My client base has grown largely through personal recommendations, working with Elite, Semi-Pro and Amateur athletes with extremely high success rates.

Most people are unaware of the psychological and physical impact of suppressing our emotions.

Twenty years ago, myself included:

If you would like to read about my personal journey below is a link to ‘My Story’ in Happiful Magazine.

My approach is shaped by my learning in both psychological and body based theories and concepts.These methods are evidence based and grounded in scientific research.I do not only work with your emotional brain but also your emotional body.It has been proven that our bodies also feel and can hold onto emotions.I aim to not only provide psycho-education on how to grow your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and supply you with effective tools and techniques used to enhance your performance but to also help people realise the importance of the field of mental coaching in sport.There is unfortunately still a lot of stigma around mental health and mental training, especially in athletics. I strive to dispel such stigma and show the many benefits of accessing psychotherapy can offer.