Most people are unaware of the psychological and physical impact of suppressing our emotions.

Twenty years ago, myself included:

I was a fashion stylist, at the hight of my career and loving my job. I couldn’t understand why I started to lose focus, motivation and confidence. And then started experiencing anxiety in the form of panic attacks.

I now know that the unprocessed emotions arising from events experienced in my teenage years were resurfacing, not just psychologically but also physically.

If you would like to read about my personal journey below is a link to ‘My Story’ in Happiful Magazine.

A 2013 study focused on where people experience different emotions in the body. This research constituted the first “map” that illustrated the links between our emotions and our body sensations.

The word ‘Emotion’ literally means ‘Energy in Motion’

Our bodies and emotions can only safely handle a limited amount of stress, or trauma. Whenever an experience exceeds our abilities to handle and cope, our brain is unable to process the emotions and the energy is stored in our bodies’ tissues primarily muscles until it can be released.
This can then lead to the emotions resurfacing when you least expect it.
Or reacting to a present experience or situation disproportionately, due to suppressed past emotions.

Traumas are considered to be anything that keep us locked in a physical, emotional, behavioural or mental habit.

I will help you uncover any emotional triggers, blindspots or suppressed emotions from the past.
By strengthening your inner resources, you will become capable of processing these feelings. Release stored traumas, and increase your ability to handle forthcoming stress with greater ease.


The therapy I offer is not just for times of crisis – emotions play a huge role in all personal and professional performances. Anything that’s “off” on the day could have a negative impact.

We all experience events that provoke stronger than normal levels of emotion- that even after or away from the situation it has affected our ability to be focused 100%. That is because unprocessed emotions from the past have been triggered and are resurfacing. Or we do not have the resources to process emotions in the moment.

I will teach you the ability to manage your emotions effectively, as it is a crucial part of performing at the highest level.

Regulating emotions and responding appropriately as well as responding to the emotions of others are all important aspects of emotional management.

I will enable you to become emotionally aware, giving you the ability to perceive, evaluate and regulate your emotions when the time comes to step up to the stage.