Nicola taught me the connection between my mental state and my athletic performance, and the improvements were marked – I am simply more able to focus on what is important and shut out the negative chatter. Working with Nicola was my secret weapon in my PB in the 2019 London Marathon.



Marathon and ultra-marathon runner

It’s no secret that stress and negative thoughts can have a significant impact on athletic performance.

Neuroscience research demonstrates that there is an undeniable connection between the mental state of an athlete and their ability to perform at their peak.

The Mind & Body are not separately functioning entities, but one functioning system. What goes on in your mind has a direct impact on your physical performance, and vice versa.

It is natural to focus and dedicate all your time on the physical aspect of training. Neglecting the role your mind plays in the process of achieving peak performance, could result in doing yourself and your career a disservice.

By working on your internal self, making a deliberate effort to train your brain alongside your body – Will serve to greatly enhance your performance.