Sports champions, business leaders and award-winning actors, all have learnt the unique capacity to remain composed and consistent under pressure.

It is not a quality we are born with; it is obtained through emotional awareness.

The good news is that composure is something that can be learned, and I, Nicola Vanlint have created my own method to teach you how: Focusing on body-based therapies and neuroscience-informed psychology.


Nicola taught me the connection between my mental state and my athletic performance, and the improvements are marked – I am simply more able to focus on what is important and shut out the negative chatter. Working with Nicola was my secret weapon in my PB in the 2019 London Marathon.

David Mohring Marathon and Ultra Marathon Runner

I have built my client base on personal recommendations, and have gone on to working with Common Wealth and Olympic Athletes, Premiership Footballers, Performing Artists, CEO’s and other Professionals with extremely high success rates.

Emotions play a huge role in the composure and consistency of all personal performances. Anything that’s “off” on the day could have a negative impact.

I will enable you to become emotionally aware, giving you the ability to perceive, evaluate and regulate your emotions when the time comes to step up to the stage.

The ability to manage our emotions effectively is a crucial part of performing at the highest level. Regulating emotions and responding appropriately as well as responding to the emotions of others are all important aspects of emotional management.

Life events and experiences that may affect the above are:
• Illness or injury
• Bereavement
• Moving home
• Getting married
• Separation or divorce
• Marital reconciliation
• Starting a family
• Family issues
• Rejection
• Identity / gender
• Childhood events or experiences that have not been processed

All of which can lead to a lack of motivation and a dysregulation of emotions – a loss of composure.