Our bodies and emotions can only handle a limited amount of stress. Although a small amount of stress is good, whenever an experience exceeds our abilities to handle and cope, our brain is unable to process the emotions. The energy is stored in our bodies’ tissues primarily muscles until it can be released.

This can then lead to the emotions resurfacing when you least expect it. Or reacting to a present experience or situation disproportionately, due to suppressed past emotions.

Your muscle activity plays a significant role in your athletic performing ability. When you are anxious, do you tend to tense up? Is the tension in your shoulders or your back? I will help you to be mindful of how your body reacts to stressful experiences, as well as how that impacts your performance.  I will facilitate you to learn what thought patterns, situations, environments cause you stress. And which muscle responses you need to remedy.

I can also help you uncover any emotional triggers, blindspots or suppressed emotions from the past.

By strengthening your inner resources, you will become capable of processing these feelings. Release stored emotions, and increase your ability to handle forthcoming stress with greater ease.